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Pictured above is Chief Judge Torruella. Click on his picture above for Google articles regarding Torruella/Mourad federal appeal cases. (1.A victim to the IRS exterminator.) (2.The jewish takeover in America.)

Judge Torruella covered up for Judge Kenner's misconduct by dismissing my (Mourad's) citizen's complaint against Judge Kenner. Then I filed a complaint Judge Torruella. Notwithstanding this pending complaint, Judge Torruella sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the appeal of the dismissal of my (Mourad's) malpractice lawsuit of Mourad v. Hanify & King. The case was dismissed on the basis that I (Mourad) had no standing. The panel rejected my (Mourad's) extension request to file for reconsideration when my (Mourad's) attorney withdrew.

Also, Judge Torruella sat on a panel in the case of Mourad v. I.R.S. Torruella witnessed the misrepresentation and fraudulent statements by the I.R.S. attorney and did nothing about it. Torruella denied my (Mourad's) motion for reconsideration, to expose the fraud and perjury.
Judge Torruella should have recused himself from this case. But he was the hit man for the government and made sure he sat on all of my appeals to influence the other judges against me and to make sure I lost all my appeals. Judge Torruella delivered me on a silver platter to the government.

Appeal Oral Argument MP3 audio


Judges covered up for I.R.S. Attorney, Teresa McLaughlin's misrepresentation.

Pictured above is Judge Sandra L. Lynch. Click on her picture above for Google articles regarding Lynch/Mourad federal appeal cases.

Judge Sandra L. Lynch was one of eight judges who sat on the panel of Circuit Council for the First Circuit. This panel of Judges dismissed Mourad's complaint against Judge Torruella for misconduct.

Judge Lynch also sat on a panel with Chief Judge Torruella in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, which heard the case of Mourad v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Docket No. 03-2367. Judge Lynch was under the impression that Beacon Residential Properties applied for the tax credit in 1998, which is incorrect. Judge Lynch failed to 'look at the record' after she had stated at the September 16, 2004 Oral Argument that she in fact would examine the record to determine whether Trustee Gray was the one who applied for the tax credit in 1997. The fact of the matter is, Trustee Gray, on behalf of V&M Management, Inc., applied for the $12 million tax credit in 1997, and Judge Lynch ignored this fact, thus making Mourad liable for taxes owed to the IRS which he should not have been liable for. Also, Mourad should have been awarded the $12 million tax credit because he was the sole stock holder of V&M Management, Inc. in 1997. Please click on Judge Lynch's button to the left and then click on the 'Judge Lynch Oral Argument"' button to read the Oral Argument.

Appeal Oral Argument MP3 audio

Pictured above is Judge Frank M. Coffin. Click on his picture above for Google articles regarding Coffin/Mourad federal appeal cases.

As the senior federal jurist on that three-judge panel, Judge Coffin failed to ensure that he and his fellow two other judges examined the record to see who got the tax credits and which party should have been liable for the taxes. Without the tax credits, profits or any received monies, I (Mourad) could not be liable for the taxes, but that is what the First Circuit panel ruled. When I appeared before Judge Coffin, he appeared incoherent, and did not remember an earlier ruling dismissing the Hanify & King lawsuit because I had no standing or equity. But, ironically on that date, I am the owner and was assessed taxes on $3 million of profit I never received. One cannot have it both ways. The Court cannot hold me personally responsible for the taxes, and also dismiss the case against Hanify & King and Trustee Grey for negligence.
At least then, I would have won millions of dollars on the lawsuits, and could have paid the taxes with those damages.
The Judges were corrupt in covering up politically for a prominent law firm, Hanify & King, and a prominent Trustee, Stephen Grey, who pocketed millions of dollars.

Pictured above is Chief Judge Carol J. Kenner. Click on her picture above for Google articles regarding Kenner/Mourad federal cases.

Chief Judge Carol J. Kenner of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has committed countless acts of misconduct, causing Mourad to loose his 276 unit affordable housing property. Her first act of misconduct was not allowing Mourad to argue his claim that he was forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy based on the foreclosure of a fraudulent and forged note by Mario Nicosia. She ignored the fact that a forensic handwriting expert verified under the pains and penalties of perjury that the note was indeed forged, and that it was not Mourad's signature.

The governmental entities (The Boston Redevelopment Authority, The Department of Revenue and The City of Boston) collectively filed a motion asking for receivership and it was unjustly allowed by Judge Kenner, even after Judge Katherine White had previously denied the governmental entities motion for receivership. See Judge White's button after clicking on Judge Kenner's button.

Worst of all, Judge Kenner knew that Mourad's attorney(s), Hanify & King simultaneously represented Trustee Stephen S. Gray, who she appointed as Trustee on April 2, 1996 to oversee V&M Management, Inc., in two other bankruptcy matters. Mourad did not even discover this huge conflict of interest till much later. Mourad then proceeded to file a complaint regarding this conflict of interest, and it was denied based on her opinion that Mourad no longer had any standing or equity. Click on the Hanify & King Law Suit button after clicking on the Judge Kenner's button for more information.

Judge Kenner also committed perjury before the Circuit Council for the First Circuit (of which Judge Lynch and Torruella sat on) by stating she had no knowledge of any conflict of interest between Trustee Gray and Hanify & King. How could she have no knowledge when in fact Trustee Gray and Hanify & King both filed Verified Statement under oath stating that neither of them had any relationship whatsoever with each other, while Hanify & King was in fact representing Stephen Gray in the case of Patriot Paper Corp. Debtor, No. 93-12482-cjk before Judge Kenner at the very same time Hanify & King was representing Mourad and V&M before Judge Kenner. Please see Judge Kenner's impeachment button after clicking on the Judge Kenner's button for more information.

Finally, Judge Kenner unconstitutionally barred Mourad for life from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court with any merit or a hearing. Mourad entered the Bankruptcy Court to examine the docket sheet at the Clerks Office. Judge Kenner then proceeded to have Mourad arrested by the U.S. Marshall. Please see the button entitled Mourad Arrest after clicking on the Judge Kenner's button for more information.

Pictured above is Judge Joel B. Rosenthal (who played a major role in the cover up of the Jewish Takeover). Click on his picture above for Google articles regarding Rosenthal/Mourad federal appeal cases.

TO: Local and National Media
RE: 10 Year Fight of the Gentrification of the City of
Boston, Boston Redevelopment Authority(BRA),
The State of Massachusetts and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
WHEN: Friday, November 19, 2004, 10:30 a.m. EST
Harold Donahue Federal Building
595 Main Street, Court Room 3
Judge Joel B. Rosenthal Presiding
Worcester, Mass.
Alternatively, all parties are also invited to telephonically attend and hear the ruling by dialing 1-800-682-5640 and say "Judge Rosenthal is the host."
My name is Alphonse Mourad and I am a long time Boston resident and the former owner of the Mandela Apartments, a 276 unit development that is funded through the Federal Section 8 Housing Program.
The development, located in lower Roxbury, Massachusetts was illegally taken
from me during a long contentious bankruptcy proceeding that began in 1996.
In 1966, I was stripped of my housing development, now valued at approximately $20 million. All of the parties involved in this contentious takeover are actively assisting in the gentrification of this large Boston minority community. My property, the Mandela Development, which sits on 6½ acres of land, serves as the gateway that joins lower Roxbury and the downtown Boston community.
This case has been one of the most high profile, contentious and politically influenced bankruptcy cases in the history of the Bankruptcy court in Massachusetts and possibly nationally, consisting of approximately 200 pages of docket sheets. There has been irreversible damage that has taken place as a result of the devious collaboration and cover-up between Federal Bankruptcy Judge, Carol Kenner, and U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Stephen Gray.
Players of the Boston Mandela Scandal on front page of website with other documents referred:

Pictured above is Judge Maria Lopez. Click on her picture above for Google articles regarding Lopez/Mourad cases.

In 1995, Judge Lopez illegally lifted an injunction that had been issued by Judge Catherine White allowing the foreclosure of the Mandela Apartments. Not only did Judge Lopez lack legal jurisdiction to rule over the case, she also went as far as overturning Judge Catherine White's previous order. Lopez did not have jurisdiction at the time that she issued her order since she had acted after the case had been removed to the federal court. The foreclosure resulted in the Bankruptcy of V&M Management, Inc. in January of 1996.

Pictured above is Judge Charles T. Spurlock. Click on his picture above for Google articles regarding Spurlock/Mourad cases.

A summary of the general nature of your complaint: Judge Spurlock barely aloud
V&M's Council, Michael Altman, to speak, and erroneously denied the injunction,
despite the fact Nicosia and his attorney's presented a fraudulent and forged note, upon
which the hearing was being held. Refer to the "Summary Statement of Alphonse
Mourad," for more detailed information.