Alphonse Mourad

Prime Minister Najib Mikati OPEN LETTER

P.O. Box 11-6876
Beirut 2039 2004

Dear Prime Minister Mikati,
I am a 66-year-old Lebanese American citizen who was born in Zahle, Lebanon in 1945 and moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1958. I have been a citizen of the US for over 40 years and have unfortunately encountered a tremendous amount of discrimination in the locally owned Jewish media which has ultimately cost me my reputation, a multi-million dollar business, and my health. The media labeled me as a Lebanese immigrant and extremist numerous times which tainted my reputation as a businessman and led to the corrupt partnership of US governmental agencies, city, state and federal judges and politicians, and eventually led to my bankruptcy and the seizure of my 276 unit development in downtown Boston now valued at over $50 million. As a result, no financial institutions or former business affiliates will associate with me for fear of governmental retaliation. I am now homeless and indigent, without resources, and owe the Internal Revenue Service in excess of $800,000 for money I never received. Since I do not have the financial resources to pay the IRS assessment in back taxes, I will be eternally in debt and unable to accumulate any money without it being seized by the government.
I am writing to you to seek your assistance in obtaining a Lebanese passport, a sponsor to help me in obtaining airfare, housing in Lebanon and medical care so that I may return to my homeland. It is here that I want to contribute my decades of experience to help further the economic, political, and social cause on the Lebanese people. It is also here that I want to die as a protester of the American government. I am seeking your assistance and resources as I do not have any remaining living relatives in Lebanon. I am in receipt of my birth certificate to verify that I was born in Lebanon. In a desire to renounce my US citizenship, I sent my passport to US federal tax court Judge Gerber. For more details on this and other aspects of my case, please visit My passport was returned to me and my requests to invalidate my citizenship was refused.
This all began, because I took a stand for African American residents to help them achieve the American dream through tenant ownership. Large local development firms, almost exclusively owned by Jewish developers, were outraged that I was potentially devaluing their surrounding properties by assisting people of color to share in home ownership. Please reference for more information. Injustice is rampant in America and democracy is selectively given to the lucky few that are deemed worthy by the US government. My struggle is not much different than the struggle of the Palestinian people who face daily oppression and discrimination and are judged solely on their ethnic origins. The Israelis much like the Americans claim to be champions of democracy but the reality is, they are solely motivated by expansion and control, whether that be in the United States or Palestine.
With over five decades of extensive business and political experience and exposure to national media coverage and city, state, and federal litigation, I can provide Lebanon with considerable expertise in these areas and act as a consultant where needed. If your office is unable to assist me with some form of sponsorship, please advise me on how I can obtain a Lebanese passport. In closing, I have attached a motion that was filed to the US tax court that will give you a comprehensive background on my struggle. This has been a high profile case that has been widely reported on in the media and there is a dearth of documentation to substantiate the multitude of lawsuits that I have been a party to. The federal court docket sheet has over 1000 entries specifically regarding my case and my domain holds numerous documents that will also explain the history of discrimination that I have endured with political, media, and governmental entities.
Thank you for your consideration.

Alphonse Mourad