Judge Maria Lopez, in 1995, illegally, and without jurisdiction, lifted an injunction issued by Judge White against the foreclosure of the Mandela property and allowed fraud and perjury in her court. Judge Lopez had a history of misconduct and had to resign her judgeship for that reason. It is sad that a judge who resigned for corruption now has her own TV show making more money. That is the sad state of affairs, when you are worth more being corrupt than ethical. For more information on Judge Lopez's corrupt conduct, click onto three sub-buttons, "Complaint Judicial Conduct," "Motion to Dismiss," and "Winn Development."

Maria Lopez has a history of judicial misconduct.

Date: March 17, 2003
Contact: Alphonse Mourad:

In 1995, Judge Lopez illegally lifted an injunction that had been issued by Judge Catherine White allowing the foreclosure of the Mandela Apartments. Not only did Judge Lopez lack legal jurisdiction to rule over the case, she also went as far as overturning Judge Catherine White's previous order. Lopez did not have jurisdiction at the time that she issued her order since she had acted after the case had been removed to the federal court. The foreclosure resulted in the Bankruptcy of V&M Management, Inc. in January of 1996.

Mario Nicosia, a private developer in the South End, held and foreclosed on a $50,000 second mortgage note. He claimed before Lopez that the note was worth in excess of $350,000 with interest and penalties. V&M Management, the borrower and owner of the Mandela Development had paid on the note regularly and it was determined by Attorney Michael Altman of Rubin & Rudmin that the balance of the note was a mere $13,500. Lopez would not allow V&M Management to pay the note in full to avoid foreclosure. A check for $13,500 was presented to Lopez in court - she refused to stop the foreclosure. She would not entertain any payoff figure to satisfy the note and avoid foreclosure.

Both Mario Nicosia and Maria Lopez' husband were prominent developers in the South End. Maria Lopez delivered the foreclosure of the Mandela Development as a political victory to the governmental entities to help developers seize the valuable 5.5 acres of land in Lower Roxbury. The 'then' owner, Alphonse Mourad of V&M Management intended on selling the development back to the residents in the form of a coop. The wealthy white South End developers wanted the (276 units) 1500 minority Mandela residents ousted so that they could gentrify and develop the land. Now the road was paved. Lopez had broken the law to line the pockets of local developers.

Justice has not served. Judge Maria Lopez is a corrupt servant of the judicial system and should be removed from the bench.