The Motion and Exhibits filed below by Alphonse Mourad (including Mourad's passport and various DVDs submitted as exhibits)before Chief Judge Gerber, were returned back to Mourad and were never docketed.

Exhibit A

Exhibit C

Click on picture above to listen to a 48 minute audio of Mourad/Owens media. Mourad protests President Bush's administration for covering up the Jewish take over and denounces his US citizenship. Wait about 2-3 minutes to download. For more information click on the Jewish Take Over button on the main home page. Also, go to for more information on the corrupt judges behind the Jewish take over.

Exhibit D

Click on this link to listen to an mp3 of Beacon's Re-Dedication of the Mandela Apartments at The Roxbury Community College.

Click on this link to listen to an mp3 of Mourad's rebuttal against Howard Cohen who is the main principal of Beacon Residential Properties and who is one of the main architects behind the Jewish take over.